Your “No BS” Guide to Video Conferencing Etiquette

Isn’t video conferencing is amazing? You can have a face-to-face chat with anyone in the world! And if you’re using Skype, it’s FREE! So why are so few people actually doing it? The reason that video calls and video messages are not more prevalent is that most people simply don’t know how to handle themselves … Continue Reading

Flickr Photos - Thomas Hawk

Tools and Tricks for Bulk Scheduling Hundreds of Photo Tweets

I recently completed an assignment for a client which involved creating scheduled Tweets with individual links to over 600 Flickr photos. This was a daunting task, so having the right tools was crucial. Unfortunately, HootSuite, my tried-and-true favorite Twitter client lost a little bit of its shine when faced with processing this sheer volume of … Continue Reading


Best Marketing Expense is to Media Train Your ENTIRE Staff

I interview tons of people. One of my greatest frustrations is when I ask for an interview and I get the response, “We’re not allowed to talk to the press.” Why? I’m offering up a golden opportunity for free press and they’re blowing it with a communications strategy that’s probably in conflict with their marketing … Continue Reading


Love Ya Technology, But You Can Do Better

We’ve all had this conversation before: “What did we do before cell phones?” Once we have a new technology that greatly improves our lives, we completely drop the old ways we used to complete the same tasks. It becomes so severe that we absolutely refuse to even consider old methods. “What? Write a letter? On … Continue Reading


Death of the Old Office Environment


A comedian friend of mine, Steve Rosenfield used to always close his act with the joke, “Remember, children are our future…and there’s nothing we can do about it.” Besides being one of my favorite jokes, it’s what I think about when I see antiquated office environments still clinging on to their old ways of managing … Continue Reading


A System of Checks and Balances on Consumer Reviews


With the advent of social media, we have seen consumers wield enormous power over corporations. It scares the crap out of businesses and consumers are loving this ability to make or break businesses through their reviews. lowest price on levitra Reviews on Yelp, Amazon, and iTunes are the new form of trusted marketing. Reviews in … Continue Reading