We’ve been shouting for a couple of years now that the current method by which advertisers and agencies look at the consumer engagement model has been upside down and needs to be reexamined.  We’ve had countless of discussions with business leaders, agency heads, media professionals, buyers, brand managers and press alike and have continually implored that it can’t be about the breadth of the reach but rather the depth of the reach.

We would say “What’s the value in having a million unengaged impressions? Wouldn’t it be better to have a hundred thousand conversations?”

Well its great to hear someone else taking up that charge, I just read this great post by Jason Rosenthal, CEO of Ning, in Forbes – http://onforb.es/qcznoQ – and he completely nails it when he says that its better to have 100 intensely engaged individuals versus 100,000 likes.  He makes a few other really key points but it all centers around the notion of moving from broadcast to conversation.  I know that I have a bias with this, especially given that one of our products/apps (www.knctr.com) was really built on the notion of social conversation and entertainment, but that notwithstanding, the premise having a conversation with and not at the consumer has always been at the core of what we believe.

So what do you think, Social Depth or Social Breadth?  Drop us a note and let us know.