Earlier this year we announced that we were getting ready to launch our latest endeavour, Yappn. Yappn is an engaging discussion platform that allows users to meet, chat, engage and consume content in almost 70 languages.

While Yappn is still being prepped for its beta testing stages, we expect it to be fully launched by this summer and all of us at INT are busy getting ready to introduce Yappn to the public.

Here are some ways we believe that Yappn can make a difference to the conversations of the world once it has fully launched:

Conversations with anyone

Today there is a large disconnect between anyone who speaks any language other than English on the Internet. With the power of Ortsbo, Yappn effectively becomes a multi-lingual discussion board where everyone from around the world can contribute to a real-time conversation no matter what language they speak.

We have effectively created a place where you can share your voice on a global scale.

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Studies have shown that our attention and time are getting shorter and harder to capture than ever before; Yappn will be available for desktop and mobile devices meaning that conversations will be available to any Yappn user 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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And to top it all off, you’ll also be able to sync it up with other personal social media accounts.


Gamification will play a key role within the Yappn community – it has been proven that there is a 50% increase in conversation for businesses that opt for gamification in their programs. The Yappn trophy room will showcase all of a user’s badges and achievements resulting in a compelling meaningful experience for all members.

The more involved users are within the Yappn community, the more badges and rewards they will receive. As the old saying goes, “To the victor go the spoils”, so we encourage all users to get highly involved within their discussion board communities.

Share your voice

Consumers will be able to share their voice, thoughts and opinions in real-time in more than 140 characters. Brands will also have the opportunity to influence conversations, messages and learn what their consumers really want.

The world is full of discussions, but often they are limited in scope to the language that you speak. With Yappn, the world of discussions is no longer limited.

If you have not yet signed up for our beta program, I encourage you to do so today. You can register by clicking right here (you’ll even receive a Pioneer badge for your trophy room if you do!).

Oh, and here’s a Yappn concept design sneak peak for you to check out as well:


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